Roofing restoration contractors - STOP leaving $1,000's of dollars of your money on the insurance company tables.

Restoration Contractors - STOP leaving your money on the P&C insurance company tables

For roofing and siding construction contractors who focus most or all of the efforts on contracting insurance covered property damage restoration work, proper insurance claim process training is essential.  No longer is the old "insurance claims specialist" contractor model an effective strategy for achieving success in the multi-billion dollar insured property damage restoration industry.  Contractors who have failed to advance beyond that old insurance claims specialist model are being left behind while pro contractors who've invested in the kind of advanced pro contractor insurance claims process training that only 3RSystems, LLC provides, are, as the Pro Contractor Endorsement shown below clearly illustrates, increasing their per job insurance claim repair totals and therefore, their company profits and income, to levels never before achieved by them.


Pro Contractor Endorsement

“Larry, We at ACP Storm Repair are doing very, very well, thanks to your help in my early years in 2012-13. I get it now!! Thanks to you! Our average claim is $12,000 start and $50K finished!!!”   Alan Podvin, ACP Storm Repair, Parker, CO


Whether you are writing $100,000 or $5,000,000 in business every year, it is likely (guaranteed) you are leaving substantial amounts of money (profits and income) behind on the P&C insurance company tables - and that's just the way they like it.  With Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) statutes that prohibit contractors from negotiating their customers property damage claims thrown into the mix, the restoration insurance claims contracting process has become more problematic and frustrating (and costly) than ever - and that's just the way they planned it. 

There is simply no good reason why roofing and siding restoration contractors (or their insured customers) should have to wait weeks and months to reach claim pricing agreements and then hand over 10% of their contract pricing to public adjusters in the process.  3RSystems, LLC restoration construction contractor insurance claim process training will help you to move the UPPA and other profit stealing obstructions out of your way and help you to move your customers property damage claims from "filed to final" in record time and at record profits.   

It's time to ditch that old "insurance claim specialist" hand shovel and start mining for the insurance claims repair contract gold with a 3RS Profit MAX front end loader.   Ready to rise to the top of your profession and start earning what you are really worth?  To find out how, click on the INSURANCE COMPANY Vs. CONTRACTOR scoreboard image below and see how you and your team can start winning big for your insured customers as well as for you and your company.  Do 



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