Larry Burtis - President, 3RSystems, LLC

For the estimated 75,000,000 + Property & Casualty insurance premium paying property owners across the country as well as the tens of thousands of construction contractors who serve them whenever the need arises who are not familiar with my company and me personally, my name is Larry Burtis, President and founder of BURCOS / 3RSystems, LLC which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I bring to the table 40 + years of hands on retail and insurance paid storm damage repair and construction industry experience + an additional 20 years of concurrent in depth insurance/investment industry experience where my advice was sought out by leaders of some of the country’s most well-known companies.  Along with the experience already mentioned, I have also amassed, with the help and support of several supreme court justices and others over the years, a winning Pro Se record in going up against high profile law firms and their attorneys in quite serious court cases involving various government and corporate entities.