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Past Pro Contractor Student Endorsement Example

“Larry, We at ACP Storm Repair are doing very, very well, thanks to your help in my early years in 2012-13. I get it now!! Thanks to you! Our average claim is $12,000 start and $50K finished!!!”   A. P. - ACP Storm Repair, CO

A 316 + % average per job increase ($38,000) on his post training storm damage claim repair jobs!

Past Pro Contractor Student Endorsement Example

"Soon after ordering and studying the program I was able to increase an insurance adjuster’s estimate from $34,000 to $71,000. Borrow the money if you have to, get this program and you'll make it back on one deal, probably double your income too." J. G. - Jay's Roofing and Siding, MT

A 108 + % increase ($37,000) on just his first post training storm damage claim repair job!



What's included?


With your order of 3RSystems, LLC's 3RS Claims MAX© Advanced Storm Damage Restoration Contractor insurance claim process training program, you'll receive all of the advanced property damage insurance claims gold mining tools and education you'll need to help you to unlock and remove the P&C insurance industry placed UPPA and other handcuffs from your and your insured customer's wrists, help your insured customer's to achieve fair and full payment on their residential storm damage claims - in record time, and help you to MAXimize your storm damage restoration company's per job profits and income to record levels never before achieved or imagined.  And, in the great majority of cases, you'll be able to achieve the above goals without PA, appraiser, or attorney involvement.  As a result, along with making more money than ever before, you'll also be saving tens of thousands of dollars in PA fees that would have otherwise been subtracted from your final contract pricing.  





UPPA = Insurance "Consumer Protection"?

Promoted by the P&C insurance industry to paid state legislators as "consumer protection" then signed into law by ill-informed state Governors - UPPA has proven to be anything but "consumer protection".  What it has proven to be however, is license for big P&C insurance to, as insurance expert Jay Feinman describes it, "delay, deny, defend" against fairly and fully paying their insured customers legitimate property damage claims indefinitely.  Unlike any other restoration contractor training in the country today, advanced 3RS Claims MAX© restoration contractor training will teach you everything you need to know about UPPA including how to overcome it.   


From $44,000 to $55,250 to $96,946 with full GC O&P - without Public Adjuster or appraiser involvement and without legal action!

Once it was made clear to the dishonest field adjuster, dishonest desk adjuster, and dishonest out of state senior CAT adjuster that there was a potentially severe penalty to be paid if their repeated lies were exposed, on behalf of all three, the desk adjuster who falsely presented as a direct employee of the insurance company but was actually employed by an independent third party adjusting firm, knew she had no choice but to do the right and honest thing - stop with the repeated implied "you a licensed PA" UPPA threats and fairly and fully pay the claim forthwith, with full GC O&P at the customer agreed to $96,946 3RStimax© estimated contract price.  




"No damage here, other than a couple of golf ball dings"

On this claim, even though the insured was an executive from the investment advisory side of the giant insurance and investment services company who sold him his P&C insurance policy, their field and desk adjusters who knew full well the entire property had been hail damaged, approved only the $500 and $600 estimates given to the insured by two different contractors. They then refused to pay anymore. Fortunately, a Minneapolis, MN based non-P&C insurance general agency owner and friend I had worked insurance with in the past had roomed with the CEO of the company while in college.  A couple of phone calls later and the $42,500 claim was paid in full.


Three times a charm...or something else?

On the three times denied Columbus, OH hail damage claim shown in the picture, after I had convinced Columbus Dispatch Business reporter Phil Porter to write and publish the article shown,  Nationwide's head claims department executive called me to ask me if I was willing to meet him at the claim site.  I agreed to do so.  While at the claim site in a suit and tie, he proceeded to review my damage assessment with me and my contractor trainee.  Needing to catch a flight back to Minnesota that day, I left my damage report with my trainee.  Later that evening, my trainee called to tell me that the claims executive had approved everything on my damage list after saying to him, "Are you sure that everything on Larry's damage list has been included, because I don't ever want to have to hear about him again from my CEO".  Claim paid in full with no further nonsense. 




No damage that I can see...said the insurance company paid TPA "engineer" in his report

The picture shown that proved the existence of hail damage was taken by the contractor.  After hail damage was denied by both a field and desk adjuster, the desk adjuster assigned the claim to one of the insurance company's paid independent TPA forensic engineers to investigate.   What the engineer apparently did was take pictures at an angle and in lighting that made it appear there was no hail damage.  The supposed engineer who investigated the claim was found to be unlicensed as well as dishonest. The engineer and the claim were referred to the American Policyholder Association (APA) for investigation to determine if an act of criminal fraud had been committed.    


$8,000 is our final offer! 

Although the siding, roofing, window and door trim, and gutters had all been damaged, the owners insurance company refused to acknowledge any more than their $8,000 final offer to pay for some gutter and window/door trim damage. Utilizing the education and instructions contained in the original version of the 3RS Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide©, the insured, in effect, acting as his own "PA", was able to move the claim to fair and full settlement at my original price of $44,978.  This allowed him to replace all of the damaged siding, roofing, window and door trim, and gutters as well as make repairs to the building's hail damaged chimney.   






also included...


3RStimax© - The real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market pro contractor priced alternative damage repair estimating program that will allow you to dramatically increase your customers insurance covered storm damage repair estimate pricing and GC O&P far beyond XM8 or Symbility insurance adjuster written estimates - and get them paid.  FYI - although they failed miserably in their attempt, in 2011, ISO/Xactware, apparently so threatened by the competition from 3RStimax© and the accompanying contractor training program, they tried to shut the program down.  Around the same time, although they also failed miserably, one of the country's largest forensic engineering companies attempted to do the same thing.  Why?  Neither organization wants you to learn what you will, as a storm damage restoration contractor, learn from this program.   



From the graph above - average 3RStimax© per job increase above insurance desk adjusters "final" offers


= to $28,244.86!


Also notice in the graph on the right how, using 3RStimax© to properly calculate the GC O&P, the GC O&P total shown on the claim came to $23,146.63 = to $8,262.54 more than when calculated at the so-called "insurance industry standard" rate of "10% & 10%" ($14,884.09). 


-Imagine the per job money you'll save by not having to subtract PA fees from your total contract pricing!-

-On just the seven claims shown above, the money saved by not having to subtract PA fees came to $27,021.40-


With 3RStimax© , you'll also have the option to submit your repair pricing as either "Cost +" estimates or LUMP SUM bids.

NOTE:  P&C Insurance companies cannot mandate that contractors use XM8 or Symbility and there is no advantage in doing so - except to the insurance companies.






3RS Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide©

With our free 3RS Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide© having now been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of insured property owners from across the country, they will be looking for 3RSystems, LLC trained storm damage restoration contractors to help them complete their storm damage repairs. As was the case with the owner of the property featured next to the "$8,000 is our final offer!" picture shown above, when you hit the "UPPA Wall" and can move your customers claims no further and field and desk adjusters start playing their usual delay, deny, defend games with you and your customer's in the hope that you and they will give up the fight, your customers who will have been thoroughly educated on the claims process through the Guide, will accept none of any adjusters "delay, deny, defend" nonsense and will know just what to do to light a fire under the behinds of slow pay and no pay field and desk adjusters and their supervisors.  To learn more, click on the "CONTRACTOR FREE LOOK" link at the bottom of this page to see what's in it for both you and your insured customers.

3RSystems, LLC recommends to all property owners who download the guide that they ask their contractors to purchase the roofing and related building products that will be used to complete their storm damage repairs only from manufacturers and distributors who support the 3RSystems, LLC restoration contractor training program.  





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