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3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©  3RStimax©


3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© will teach you how to help your insured customers get their insurance companies to pay for all of the damage, help you to MAXimize your profits and income, and help you to move your insured customers claims from "Filed to Final" in record time.  With 3RSystems, LLC's proven 3RStimax© contractor friendly estimating program - as either "Cost +" or Lump Sum estimates, you'll price your repair work, not at the so-called "insurance industry standard" typically lowball rates but rather, at real, true, and accurate (RTA) restoration construction industry free market repair pricing that will allow you to start earning what you are really worth. 

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"A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold"© 

In house restoration contractor insurance claims process training

Invite 3RSystems, LLC President Larry Burtis to hold a one day "A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold"© restoration contractor insurance claims process training for you, your sales reps, and your staff at your home office anywhere in the country.  While the training does touch on the subjects of team building, company culture, and business growth, the primary focus of the training is on teaching how to, not just level the insurance claims playing field but rather, by way of a three pronged construction, insurance/investment, and legal perspective approach, actually to take control of it.  Completion of this training will elevate your company to a top level position in the restoration industry and advance you and your profits and income, five years ahead of where you are currently now at.  



Beginning Spring of 2022

3RSystems, LLC Appraisal, Umpire and Public Adjuster Services

Are one or more of your insured customers insurance covered property damage claims at an impasse due to P&C insurance rep delay, deny, defend tactics, implied UPPA violation threats, or any of the other usual bad faith and nonsense?  Put my years of retail and restoration construction, insurance/investment, and winning Pro Se legal litigation experience to work for you in helping your insured customers to move their claims to fair, full, and final settlement. 



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