Notice to:  Roofing, siding and related building product manufacturer and supplier company ownersshareholders, and investors:

From 2017 thru 2019, the "The UPPA Scam" (below) resulted in an estimated $4,668,000,000 (BILLION) in missed product sales by you to your loyal contractor customers.



I am announcing today, completion of my updated version of the “Unpacking the UPPA Conundrum – From Vision to Wisdom” presentation that I gave at Win The Storm in Las Vegas last year. In this updated version that I’ve retitled as “Unpacking the UPPA Scam…an ex-contractors perspective”, I begin with my general view and thoughts on the UPPA "conundrum" from my perspective as an ex-contractor, ex-insurance/investment advisor and winning Pro Se litigator.  I then reveal why I believe UPPA to be the #1 threat to the future business viability of restoration contractors nationwide...and their building materials manufacturers and suppliers who are paid billions of dollars every year for their products and services by those same contractors. I further reveal and expose who is ultimately behind the UPPA ruse, a rank deception that I refer to as “one of the biggest financial scams ever perpetrated against the American insurance buying public”.

I also reveal solutions to the UPPA scam that will bring about real reform. As the solutions are revealed to contractors – as well as appraisers, PA’s and plaintiff’s attorneys, all will become empowered with a new perspective and confidence that will help them to remove P&C insurance’s hands from around their business necks and allow them to help their insured customers and clients to better achieve the kind of results that more closely resemble the promises made to them by their P&C insurance company’s.  

Also discussed, among other things, will be the “good law or bad law” question. Although the constitutionality of UPPA law is a consideration, I see it as being secondary due to the fact that UPPA law, as written, and the specious arguments made in favor of it, do, as I clearly prove in my presentation and as I believe most 1L law students should also be able to prove, fail miserably and are, therefore, easily defeated.  I will also reveal, UPPA’s tremendous costs (BILLIONS) to contractors, their building product manufacturers and suppliers, their insured customers, and the public in general, and what I believe we can do together to effectively defeat the UPPA Giant or at least cut the UPPA Giant down to size.

Also presented will be several of the powerful tools that are part of my restoration contractor claims process training program.  One of those tools is the Adjuster/Engineer Questionnaire/Report that contractors are instructed to present to adjusters and engineers as soon as they arrive at the claim site.  Upon receipt, the adjuster or engineer is asked to read, complete, then sign the form and return it to the insured. The form and the bold yellow highlighted fraud warning at the bottom, whether returned to the insured or not, immediately makes it clear to adjusters and engineers that the contractor and the insured both expect maximum focus on properly and honestly written reports without the usual adjuster/engineer hijinks…including implied UPPA threats, and that they will, indeed, be held accountable for any deviation from that expectation.

Roofing, siding and related building product manufacturer and supplier company owners, shareholders, and investors do, understandably, have a substantial financial interest in learning what's behind and then stopping the billions of dollars of annual UPPA caused financial bleeding (missed product sales) from continuing.  By addressing the problem as it should properly be addressed, from the top down (manufacturer and supplier company owners, shareholders, and investors first) as I am now doing, and then educating their contractor customers on the process at it applies to them, those billions of dollars in missed owner, shareholder, and investor and contractor profits as well as the annual billions of dollars owed to policyholders that are never paid as a result of UPPA, can then be properly recaptured.

Food for thought for building product manufacturer and supplier company owners, shareholders, investors, C-Suite executives and down line representatives - the cost of getting my message out and helping you to solve the problem is but a tiny fraction of the cost of not taking action.  Those who do take proper action will be duly rewarded by increased product orders from their contractor customers.  Those who do not...will not.  






Part 2 of the presentation, which I clearly state is separate, independent and distinct from Part 1, is a short but comprehensive presentation on the American Policyholder Association and the merits and value of membership.  Through the presentation, I share the back story that led to the eventual formation of the American Policyholder Association (APA), who are its leaders and members, the APA's primary mission, the APA's four part strategy for accomplishing that mission, our accomplishments since its founding in July of 2018, the why and how behind becoming a member, the APA's vision for the near and long term future, and my own personal and professional reasons for becoming a Professional Member before graduating to a position as a Board Advisor.     




Although various industry companies and related organizations continue to express an interest in having me present the above material, under current circumstances, I am not (as is the case with most of us) able to commit to specific presentation dates.  However, as soon as conditions allow, I anticipate and look forward to an influx of requests from the above from around country asking me to present the above material.  Even if your company or organization might consider my company to be a competitor, my primary focus is not on promoting my training program but rather, on getting the UPPA defeat message out.  Successfully accomplishing that goal will ultimately serve all of us.  By the way, those industry companies and related organizations who do assist me with getting the word out will be duly rewarded by having their products and services prominently mentioned and promoted at all of my presentation events.   

Feel free to contact me with any of your questions of concerns through the methods provided on this site.  I will look forward to hearing from you.




Larry Burtis - President, 3RSystems, LLC








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