If you believe your legitimate insurance covered storm or other property damage claim has been unfairly underpaid or denied, you need to hire Focus Public Adjusting, LLC to help your insurance company FOCUS on doing the right thing. 


Focus; the art of concentrating on a particular goal


As the owner of Focus Public Adjusting, LLC, the particular goal I concentrate on and repeatedly achieve is helping insured property owners to get their insurance covered storm or other property damage claims fairly and fully paid at real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market pricing and doing so in the shortest amount of time.  In helping insured property owners to achieve that goal, their restoration contractors are then able to properly complete the insurance covered repairs and the property owners are then able to move on with their lives.   

Why hire Focus Public Adjusting (FPA) to adjust your insurance covered storm or other property damage claim?  In the past, insurance restoration contractors were able to advocate for and negotiate their insured property owner customers roofing, siding, and/or other insurance covered property damage claim settlements with insurance company representatives.  That is, however, no longer the case.  As the law now stands, insurance claim advocacy and negotiation can only be done by a licensed public adjuster or an attorney.  

With over thirty-five years of experience in all phases of the insurance covered property damage restoration industry, I put that experience, my winning Pro Se legal experience, and in-depth insurance/investment industry experience to work for commercial/residential/multi-family and HOA clients as a licensed public insurance adjuster whenever the need arises in helping them to negotiate their insurance covered property damage claims to fair, full, and final settlement.  While, in most cases, your insurance claim will be substantially increased as a result of hiring Focus Public Adjusting, LLC to move your claim forward, your costs will not since the public adjuster fee will be taken from the increased insurance claim proceeds rather than paid by you directly out of pocket.  

To view just a small sampling of my past insurance company underpayment to fair, full and final settlement results, click on the thumbnail pictures below.



From $0 to $16,000

From $0 to $18,040


From $55,250 to $96,946

From $500 to $42,500

From $8,000 to $44,978



Become An Informed Insurance Consumer

by learning and understanding how the insurance claims process really works


The 3RSystems, LLC Property Owners Insurance Storm Damage Recovery Guide© which you can only get from Focus Public Adjusting, LLC, comes to you free of charge as an insured property owner when you hire Focus Public Adjusting, LLC to assist you with your claim.  The guide, which is based on over thirty-five years of construction, insurance, and legal experience, will teach you how the insurance claims process really works and empower you as an insured property owner to be able to stand up to your P&C insurance company when they try to deny or underpay your legitimate property damage insurance claim.  Covered in the Storm Damage Recovery Guide© are the following topics:


Insurance terms and titles you need to know

Property & Casualty Insurance and the Free Market

What is “The UPPA WALL?”

When your contractor hits “The UPPA WALL”…what are your options?

Who ultimately approves (or denies) your insurance claim?

How your insurance premiums are calculated

Property & Casualty insurance agents – can they help you with your claim?

Understanding your insurance policy

Do you have a mortgage on your property?

What are – General Contractor Overhead & Profit (GC O&P) Payments?

Breach of Contract and Tortious Interference – “the contractor is charging too much?”

(Beware of) “Hired Gun” insurance company paid Forensic Engineers

What is Ordinance or Law coverage?

Insurance Deductibles – When should you pay them?

The Claims Process – from “Filed to Final”

Common covered damage that insurance adjusters regularly omit

Additional advice and warnings

Public Adjuster Services     Appraiser Services      Attorney Services

Adjuster/Engineer Questionnaire/Report


Remember that, when all is said and done, as an insurance consumer, you pay the premiums and that makes you the boss.  Never be intimidated by the process or by independent or in house insurance (desk) adjusters or “forensic” engineers and always stand your ground.



Commercial/Residential/Multi-Family Pre-Claim Damage Assessments

Are you a commercial or residential real estate property owner or commercial or residential real estate property manager or seller and want to know if properties you own, manage, or offer for sale have been damaged by a recent storm?  Put my years of experience to work for you.  At your request, I will inspect your or your client's/customer's property for damage then provide you with a full report of my findings.  For further information regarding this service which is also available to HOA's, please contact me through the methods provided.  





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