How To Avoid The Storm After The Storm



As clearly illustrated in the 60 Minutes "The Storm After The Storm" video excerpt above, what happens in the aftermath of a Hurricane event can often be as much or more of a nightmare than the actual storm itself.  The last thing Hurricane IAN victims need now is to be put through the same painful and gut wrenching process as the Hurricane Sandy (and Irma, Laura, Katrina, etc.) victims were forced to endure because of the failures on the part of FEMA and the victims own property & casualty insurance companies.  When that does happen, and it is happening now to thousands of Hurricane IAN victims, fair, full, and final property damage insurance claim settlements and the restorations they are intended to pay for could take years rather than months. 


Insurance Claim Delays Deliver Massive Profits To Industry By Shorting Customers

Superstorm Sandy victims warn Irma, Harvey survivors it’s about to get worse

Top FEMA official was executive at company accused of hurricane claims fraud

Senators: Sandy Homeowners Systematically Denied Insurance Claims

Insurance Firms Profited $400 Million After Sandy

Three Years Later, Sandy Survivors Remain Homeless

(source - American Policyholder Association (APA) News Portal @ www.apassociation.org/news)


We continue to receive reports from across the SWFL area and beyond of property & casualty insurance company attempts to unfairly underpay or flatout deny valid and legitimate Hurricane IAN storm damage claims.  We are also receiving reports from insurance company paid adjusters who are telling us that the insurance companies they work for are telling them to achieve that goal by minimizing and/or omitting covered damage.  If you want to make sure that your property & casualty insurance company fairly and fully pays your legitimate Hurricane IAN storm damage claim, you need to contact us to help direct you and your clients and customers through the claims process.  Myself, along with one of the country's top public adjusters and Wind Vs Flood claims argument experts will make it a certainty that your property & casualty insurance company deals fairly with you on your storm damage insurance claim.  

WARNING:  Under Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) law, while restoration contractors are allowed to offer a damage repair estimate of storm damage repairs they are prohibited by UPPA law from negotiating insurance claim pricing with an insurance company and/or attempting to interpret insurance policy language on behalf of their insured property owner customers.  If they are caught doing either, they could be arrested, charged with a felony, be put in prison, and be fined up to $15,000.  Under that scenario, your claim would then also become stalled indefinitely if not entirely denied. 

My goal as founder and President of 3RSystems, LLC is to help Hurricane IAN victims to avoid the present and coming FEMA and property & casualty insurance industry caused pitfulls, problems, and obfuscation as written about in the articles under the above headlines.      

In order to help those who have suffered Hurricane IAN wind and flood damage to their properties achieve the above stated goal, 3RSystems, LLC, with over thirty-five years of in depth experience assisting insured property owner storm damage victims with their commercial and residential storm caused property damage claims, is offering to all Hurricane IAN victims its proprietory and proven claims loss consultant guidance.   

There are no direct fees to property managers, LLC investors, or property owners for this service.  Any and all loss consultant fees, if any, will be paid to 3RSystems, LLC, where legal and permitted, by the participating vendors involved in the insurance claims recovery and restoration process.  

We currently have licensed, vetted, and approved top tier professional contractors, public adjusters, appraisers, and insured's plaintiff's attorneys on call and ready to assist you with your property damage insurance claims.  Even if your insurance claim is currently being processed, you may need the additional help and guidance that we are offering.  To get the process started, protect your interests, and stay ahead of and on top of the claims and damage restoration process, contact me through the methods provided in the contact link above on how to proceed. 


Larry Burtis

President, 3RSystems, LLC

President, Focus Public Adjusting, LLC 

Professional Member - American Policyholder Association (APA)

Recipient - 2020 American Policyholder Association Consumer Advocacy Leadership Award


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Notice to storm damage restoration contractors, public insurance adjusters, and insured's plaintiffs attorneys.  Due to its efforts in assisting Florida commercial and residential property owners mitigate and settle their Hurricane IAN property damage claims, 3RSystems, LLC's insurance claims process training program will be not be offered until late spring of 2023.




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