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3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©


How to help your customers get their insurance companies to pay for all of the damage and help you to MAXimize your profits and income



The real, true, and accurate (RTA) restoration industry estimating system for achieving MAXimum insurance claims payouts



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3RSystems, LLC "A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold?"©

3RSystems, LLC's "A Pound of Silver or an Ounce of Gold?"© private in-house storm damage restoration contractor insurance claim process training for construction contractors and their reps which is personally presented by 3RSystems, LLC founder and president Larry Burtis, is now available on a nationwide basis. With this training, you and your reps will learn the restoration contractor insurance claim process from the construction, financial, and legal perspectives that you can only learn from 3RSystems, LLC. "A Pound of Silver or an Ounce of Gold?"© will dramatically change your and your reps perspective and approach, put you, them and your insured property owner customers in the drivers seat, and place your company in the top 1% of all restoration contractors in the country.  This course will not just help you to level the playing field when going up against P&C insurance adjusters, claims managers and engineers, it will help you to take control of it.  (Price varies by location - call for details)


Pro Contractor Endorsement

"I also endorse Larry Burtis / 3RSystems. Having Larry to our business several years ago was our introduction to the claim game solution. I researched the issue quite a bit before compelling our business owner to invest some money into his course and get us some official training. We have been on a steady roll of non-ending education since. And our investment was returned more than ten-fold in the first year."   Scott Swing - C&S Roofing, Omaha, NE




3RSystems, LLC President/CEO Larry Burtis is a proud supporter of and Board Advisor with the American Policyholder Association (APA)

Learn more about the American Policyholder Association (APA) www.apassociation.org


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