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How to help your customers get their insurance companies to pay for all of the damage and help you to MAXimize your profits and income.


Pro Contractor Endorsement

"Soon after ordering and studying the program I was able to increase an insurance adjuster’s estimate from $34,000 to $71,000. Borrow the money if you have to, get this program and you'll make it back on one deal, probably double your income too." Jay Gomez, Jay's Roofing and Siding, Bozeman, MT

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In case you haven’t heard or noticed, the restoration construction industry is, in deed and in fact, at a historical crossroads.  UPPA, MRP’s, inadequate contractor and contractor sales rep insurance claims process training, and increasing insurer bad faith and fraud committed against far too many of your insured policyholder customers, are, among other things, seriously threatening the future viability and profitability of your and tens of thousands of other restoration contractors businesses from across the country.  

The above is also costing you and your roofing and related building product distribution companies, in toto, hundreds of millions of dollars in missed annual roofing and related building product sales to the ultimate end buyers of those products – insured property owners.  That being the case, you have a serious decision to make.  Will you commit to learning how to turn your restoration business around and take back control of the insurance claims process, or, will you stand by and do nothing and be left behind while your fellow restoration construction contractors take the lead into a new and more prosperous future? 

3RSystems, LLC presents

"The Restoration Construction Industry at a Crossroads - The New Restoration Industry Paradigm"  

Regardless of your current position in the restoration construction industry, your years of experience, or your annual insurance paid restoration project sales, after your attendance at a 3RSystems, LLC "The Restoration Construction Industry at a Crossroads - The New Restoration Industry Paradigm" presentation, you will know more about the restoration insurance claims process than 98% of all restoration construction contractors in the country and your sales numbers and per job profit increases will show it.  That also holds true for building product distributors - from their CEO's on down, who schedule presentations at their branch offices on behalf of their valued contractor customers.

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3RSystems, LLC "A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold?"©

3RSystems, LLC's "A Pound of Silver or an Ounce of Gold?"© private in-house storm damage restoration contractor insurance claim process training for construction contractors and their reps which is personally presented by 3RSystems, LLC founder and president Larry Burtis, is now available on a nationwide basis. With this training, you and your reps will learn the restoration contractor insurance claim process from the construction, financial, and legal perspectives that you can only learn from 3RSystems, LLC. "A Pound of Silver or an Ounce of Gold?"© will dramatically change your and your reps perspective and approach, put you, them and your insured property owner customers in the drivers seat, and place your company in the top 1% of all restoration contractors in the country.  This course will not just help you to level the playing field when going up against P&C insurance adjusters, claims managers and engineers, it will help you to take control of it.

Pro Contractor Endorsement

"I also endorse Larry Burtis / 3RSystems. Having Larry to our business several years ago was our introduction to the claim game solution. I researched the issue quite a bit before compelling our business owner to invest some money into his course and get us some official training. We have been on a steady roll of non-ending education since. And our investment was returned more than ten-fold in the first year."   Scott Swing - C&S Roofing, Omaha, NE


"Unpacking the UPPA Conundrum...an ex-contractors perspective"

UPPA - one of the most unjust, anti-free market, and potentially unconstitutional laws ever written

My 2017 thru 2019 estimate of legitimate claims dollars owed, but, as a result of inadequate process training and UPPA restrictions, were never paid to insured property owners who in turn would have paid those same dollars to their contractors = $14,850,000,000 (BILLION). Estimated missed gross profits to the contractors on that amount = $6,237,000,000 (BILLION). Estimated missed manufacturer/supplier roofing, siding and other building product sales to their contractor customers over that same three year period = $4,668,000,000 (BILLION). 

Included with your order of 3RSystems, LLC contractor training program is my proprietary 3RSystems, LLC White Paper entitled "Unpacking the UPPA Conundrum - an ex-contractors perspective".  Based on over tens years of investigation and in depth research on the who, what, why and where history behind "Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting" (UPPA) laws, which includes conversations with various state Representatives and Senators from across the country, I reveal why they have proved so costly to residential and commercial property owners, their contractors, and their contractors roofing and related building product distributors.  I then reveal the ongoing process that I anticipate will soon bring an end to the UPPA conundrum and give it a proper burial.  This information alone, which is exclusive and only available to 3RSystems trained contractors, will place them (you) at the very top knowledge position of all residential and commercial remodel and restoration contractors nationwide.   


Articles written and presentations given

"The Restoration Industry at a Crossroads"© (YouTube) - "The New Paradigm Shift in Roofing Products Sales and Distribution"© - "Why are hundreds of millions of dollars still being left on the table every year by residential and commercial roofing, siding and related contractors, distributors and manufacturers?"© - "Cutting The Giants Down to Size"© - "Unpacking The UPPA Conundrum...an ex-contractors perspective"© - "A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold?"© @ various private in house restoration contractor trainings - "Pro Contractor FREE Market Pricing Vs. the Insurance Industry Standard"© - "Insurance Adjusters and Engineers - Hiding behind the Doctrine of Privity?"©


3RSystems, LLC President/CEO Larry Burtis is a proud supporter of and Board Advisor with the American Policyholder Association (APA)

Learn more about the American Policyholder Association (APA) www.apassociation.org


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