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Up until around the year 2000, most roofing/siding & related insurance restoration contractors were still unfamiliar with the insurance restoration repair estimating programs known as Xactimate and Symbility that were then just coming into prominence.  At that time, as did I, most roofing/siding & related restoration contractors used their own, mostly paper based, in house estimating programs to estimate the repair costs of their customers insurance covered exterior restoration projects.  With profits always in mind, insurance carriers saw Xactimate and Symbility, both which promised to better automate the insurance repair cost estimating process, as a way to also better control claim costs.  The only problem was that better meant better for the P&C insurance companies who decided to implement the software and mandate that their adjusters use the programs but not better for the insured's and their contractors who found that the software was typically biased in favor of "forced" market (lowball) rather than free market repair pricing.

In 2001, having none of what I saw was an attempt by the P&C insurance industry to, through the use of those repair estimating software programs, control the market and protect their profits by undervaluing the true cost of insurance covered restoration work, I decided to convert my paper repair estimating program to a simple and easy to use contractor repair estimating software program.  The difference between my repair estimating program and those favored by P&C insurance was that mine made it possible for me to price my insurance paid roofing/siding & related restoration work at what I call real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market pricing that was relative to the premiums paid by my insured customers.

As more and more contractors who had only done retail work and new contractors who had come from other non construction related businesses started taking on insurance restoration work, they were sold on, and bought into, the idea that in order to process insured customers roofing/siding & related property damage claims in the most efficient manner, purchasing and implementing the same repair estimating program that their customers insurance company adjusters were required to use was the way to go.

Having conducted my own restoration pricing surveys over time however, it became apparent that, as I had suspected, the carriers surveys on which their repair pricing was based, took the low, medium, and high prices given to them, kicked out the high pricing, made the medium pricing the new high price, then made the low pricing the medium.  They then based their repair pricing on the new medium price which was/is, in reality, the low price. 

P&C insurance then began to speciously argue that because the average repair pricing submitted to P&C insurance companies by restoration contractors was typically higher (actually, on average, a true medium range) than P&C insurance's medium (actually low ball) repair pricing, those roofing/siding & related restoration contractors were regularly overcharging on their estimates.  Their solution to the alleged problem of rampant contractor overcharging?  UPPA...which I refer to as one of the biggest financial scams ever perpetrated against the American insurance buying public, that prohibited/prohibits honest restoration contractors from doing what they had been doing since insurance was first invented - negotiate repair pricing with their customers insurance companies on their customers behalf.  But I digress...sort of.

In short, in spite of the incessant promotion of UPPA by a couple of guys named Goodman and Badger, among others, as consumer protection, it has proven to not be consumer protection at all but rather, as was intended by its creators and promoters, license that, by shutting down what once was the contractors "lane" where negotiating was the accepted standard, now allows P&C insurance to delay, deny, and defend against paying their policyholder customers claims indefinitely.   Goodman and Badger both pushed the idea that negotiation of claims was the exclusive purview of PA's while knowing full well that, not all, but most PA's would pass on $35k and under claims which is where the great majority of residential storm damage claims fall.   And, therein lies the key to understanding what was truly behind the great UPPA ruse... 



Masks, anyone?

As I see it, and this should be obvious to any objective thinking restoration contractor, or any other objective free market minded entrepreneur for that matter, based on the above, using the same repair estimating software program that the P&C insurance industry uses to attempt to under pay their too trusting insured customers on their roofing/siding & related claims and control the market via UPPA is akin to shooting oneself in the foot with the P&C insurance industries own gun or asking the IRS to do your taxes.     

XM8 or Symbility may be fine for use on more complicated claims that may also include substantial interior damage.  But, as has been my experience, most residential roofing/siding & related storm damage claims are better written on the one repair estimate program that allows for real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market pricing up front that some TPA desk adjuster who likely has little to no construction experience can't run through their pricing shredder in order to arrive at a price that is satisfactory to the insurance company the DA is contracted with. 


What is that program?

As shown in the example graph above, the difference between the Insurance Company claim "final" offers written using P&C adjuster mandated repair estimating programs and made to the insured's and the Total claim recoveries achieved with 3RStimax© is substantial ($197,714 or $28,244.86 additional per claim).  Also key is the fact that none of those claims required a referral to a PA, appraiser, or attorney (or supplementing).  Also significant is the fact that, whether you write your 3RStimax© estimates as "Cost Plus" or LUMP SUM bids - as 3RStimax© allows, GC O&P is always (as shown in the calculations box to the right) calculated cumulatively then added to the total price, which results in a substantially higher and more appropriate per claim GC O&P payment for the contractor.

Compare the Costs

The average annual cost for the Xactimate, Symbility, or similar P&C insurance industry favored repair estimating programs is about $2,100.  All also require an additional cost for training in order to operate those programs at optimum efficiency.  

The one time total and tax deductible investment into a licensed for life 3RStimax© insurance restoration contractor repair estimating program however, is just $599.95.  Because of the simplicity of the program it can be set up and be ready to use in just a couple of hours with no additional training ever needed or required - and no subscriptions.  Currently, and for a limited time - as a bonus, also included at no additional charge, is 3RSystems, LLC's A to Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR INSURANCE RESTORATION CONTRACTORS© "How to beat P&C insurance at their own game"© training program on CD that, as the Pro Contractor student endorsements shown further down illustrate, has proven to help pro insurance restoration contractors from across the country to optimize their customers legitimate claim settlement totals as well as increase their own profits and incomes to new levels they had never before achieved.  Individual sales reps can use the 3RSystems, LLC training program to learn the process on their own or company owners can use the training in house to train all of their admin, sales, and production staff.   


"If you want an alternative to XM8, contact me for a great referral to Larry's 3RStimax estimating system, along with his Coaching Playbook on how to legitimately win reasonable claims at their RTA, real, true, and accurate Value Indemnity Amounts.  It's the BEST few hundred bucks I have spent in a long time and I've owned his system for a few years already."   Ed Fako - Chicago, IL



My goal is to help the thousands of hardworking pro restoration roofing/siding and related contractors across America to claim their independence from XM8 and similar P&C insurance industry adjuster mandated low ball repair estimating programs so they can better help their insured customers to achieve fair and full insurance claim settlements and start earning what they are really worth. 



Note:  Restoration contractors cannot be forced to and are not required to use XM8, Symbility, or similar P&C insurance adjuster mandated repair pricing programs to price their customer’s property damage repair costs and there is no advantage in doing so - except to the insurance companies that mandate its use by their adjusters.  In May of 2011, so threatened by the competition from 3RSystems, LLC's proprietary contractor favored insurance repair estimating program, an ISO/Xactware attorney ordered that part of the estimating program's original name be registered as a domain name owned by them in a failed attempt to prevent me from offering the program to restoration contractors as a substantially better alternative to Xactimate.  I took that as a compliment and solid affirmation that 3RStimax© was as powerful and effective as I believed and have proven it to be. 



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Powerful and proven restoration contractor insurance claims process training by 3RSystems, LLC


If you want to learn how to defeat the P&C insurance industry "delay, deny, defend" tactics that are designed to stall and/or prevent your insured customers from achieving fair, full, and final insurance claims recovery on their insurance paid restoration projects and prevent you from being able to MAXimize your restoration contracting business profits and income, you've come to the right place.  If your desire is to close more storm damage claims at top dollar in the least amount of time, you need to invest in the kind of advanced and experienced retail/restoration construction industry, insurance industry, and legal industry based training that only 3RSystems, LLC can and does provide. 

You may have the best trained sales force, the best company culture, and the best installers but, when all is said and done, P&C insurance and their adjusters could care less and they will do everything they can to delay the claims process in the hope that your customers will give up the fight and accept substantially less than they are owed on their claims. When you learn however, what 3RSystems, LLC restoration contractor training teaches - from the perspective that only 3RSystems, LLC can and does teach it, P&C insurance will view you from an entirely different perspective and will be much more motivated to make sure that your customers storm damage claims are fairly and fully paid sooner rather than later.    


This is how we do it...

Said to my contractor trainee by the "Top 10" P&C insurance company head claims executive who appeared at the claim site in a suit & tie to oversee the re-inspection;  "Are you sure that everything on Larry's damage list has been accounted for and paid per his estimate, because I don't ever want to have to hear about him again from my CEO."


SVG’s Anthony Delmedico & 3RSystems, LLC President Larry Burtis


Key examples of what you will learn from this training...

  • When you hit the “UPPA Wall” and you can move your customers claim no further on your own, are customer referrals to a PA, appraiser, or attorney your only option?  (NO
  • How to make insurance field and desk adjusters want to fully pay your customers claims ASAP. 
  • How to defeat the P&C insurance industries disingenuous GC O&P denials and get paid GC O&P at rates relative to your company’s needs.  
  • How to price your customers storm damage repairs at real, true, and accurate (RTA) FREE market pro contractor pricing – with properly calculated GC O&P.  (with 3RStimax©)
  • How to pin dishonest insurance adjusters to the wall with our repeatedly proven 3RS adjuster rebuttals. 
  • How to empower and educate your customers to stand their ground against their insurance company adjusters dishonest delay, deny, and defend tactics and related nonsense and move them to fairly and fully pay their property damage claims with the 3RSystems, LLC "Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide©"
  • How to use the 3RSystems, LLC “Adjuster/Engineer Questionnaire/Report" with FRAUD WARNING to cause wayward insurance adjusters and engineers to want to make sure they do the right thing concerning your customers property damage claims. 
  • How to submit your repair estimates as either “Cost +” or LUMP SUM bids with 3RStimax© - the restoration contractor insurance repair estimating standard.  
  • The important difference between Credibility and Sales ability. 
  • “Dear Insurance Adjuster, is your E&O policy currently in force?” 
  • The word hidden within the word VISION that, once revealed and attained, will positively change your business and your life forever. 
  • and much more...


With 3rsystems, llc restoration contractor insurance paid roof repair training you'll achieve maximum results and claims payments for both you and your insured customers.



3RSystems, LLC Pro Contractor student endorsements

"Soon after ordering and studying the program I was able to increase an insurance adjuster’s estimate from $34,000 to $71,000. Borrow the money if you have to, get this program and you'll make it back on one deal, probably double your income too." Jay Gomez, Jay's Roofing and Siding, Bozeman, MT - On just his first claim after ordering then studying the program, Jay was able to earn an additional $37,000 (over 60 times what he paid for the training!).

"I strongly endorse Larry Burtis and his 3RSystems, LLC contractor storm damage restoration process training program. It’s great for experienced contractors and their sales reps and even better for newer contractors and their sales reps who are struggling to get their customers storm damage claims fully, fairly and properly paid at real, true, and accurate pro contractor free market pricing. Plus, it is extremely affordable."  Ed Fako - Natl. Contracting and Claims Assn., Chicago, IL

"I came across 3RSystems, LLC training on the internet and could not be happier with it. I have gotten my pricing back where I wanted it and almost doubled my yearly net profits. I would highly recommend this to any contractor who is tired of under priced insurance company's."  Cory Edwards - Edwards Roofing, LLC Riverton, WY

“Larry, We at ACP Storm Repair are doing very, very well, thanks to your help in my early years in 2012-13. I get it now!! Thanks to you! Our average claim is $12,000 start and $50K finished!!!”   Alan Podvin, ACP Storm Repair, Parker, CO  -  An average increase of $38,000 per claim after learning the 3RSystems, LLC insurance restoration contractor training program.

"I also endorse Larry Burtis / 3RSystems. Having Larry to our business several years ago was our introduction to the claim game solution. I researched the issue quite a bit before compelling our business owner to invest some money into his course and get us some official training. We have been on a steady roll of non-ending education since. And our investment was returned more than ten-fold in the first year."   Scott Swing - C&S Roofing, Omaha, NE

"This is not something I want to keep a secret from my competition, get the book! The more contractors that know this valuable information, the better for all!"   Randy Fern - GC/Roofing Contractor, Texas

"When I purchased his 3RSystems, LLC contractor training program and applied all that I learned from it, I was quite impressed with the way it helped me to vastly improve my effectiveness as well as my profit potential. Only wish the program and his 3RStimax estimating software had been available years ago. I'd be retired by now!"   Harold Wren - General Contractor, Wren Builders - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Overall I am very pleased with the product and feel it was money well spent. When I sat down to read The Playbook for the first time it was one of those reads you don’t want to stop on. I found it that interesting. It was very informative and I found the information useful."   Dave Stewart - Contractor Sales Rep/Lawyer/Public Adjuster - Illinois


3RStimax© + 3RSystems, LLC "How to beat P&C insurance at their own game"© training options


On transferable Compact Disc

3RStimax© + FREE (limited time bonus) 3RSystems, LLC's A to Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR INSURANCE RESTORATION CONTRACTORS - "How to beat P&C insurance at their own game"© on Compact Disc

Packed full of powerful stories, sales techniques, business set up and growth guidance, how to scale, business and production forms, and other useful tools and information that will completely change, to your great benefit, the way you conduct your retail remodel and storm and other property damage restoration contracting business. In fact, just a couple of the items included in the program, once learned and put into practice, could earn you many thousands of dollars in additional but well deserved profits and income – right away – if you take action, right away.  Also included are; 3RSystems, LLC's proprietary "Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide©, 3RSystem, LLC "Adjuster/Engineer Questionnaire/Report" with FRAUD WARNING, "The UPPA Conundrum - Pulling back the curtain", an exposé, "Overhead & Profit Issues - How to defeat the denials", and much more.  Each order also comes with a $500 discount voucher that can be applied against the cost of a PRIVATE in house contractor and admin, sales, and production staff training anywhere in the lower forty-eight states.  

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3RStimax© + 3RSystems, LLC A to Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR INSURANCE RESTORATION CONTRACTORS - "How to beat P&C insurance at their own game"© - In person 1 day PUBLIC training

Attendees will be presented with the full process training from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Each attendee will also receive a full and complete copy of 3RSystems, LLC A to Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR INSURANCE RESTORATION CONTRACTORS - "How to beat P&C insurance at their own game"© on CD along with a signed and dated 3RSystems, LLC Certificate of Completion in either the company or personal name of the attendee.  CD's and completion certificates will be sent to attendees within one week of the date of their attendance.  Lunch will also be included.  Company owners who attend a live in person 1 day PUBLIC training will also receive a $500 discount certificate that may be applied to a live in person 1 day in house PRIVATE training of their admin, sales rep, and production staff members anywhere in lower forty-eight states.  If a live in person 1 day PUBLIC training is currently being offered, a live link to the ticket ordering site will appear below.  For more information, contact 3RSystems, LLC through the Contact link above.




Roof, siding, gutters, windows, insurance paid storm damage contractor sales and repair training anywhere in the USA.

In person 1 day PRIVATE trainings


3RStimax© + 3RSystems, LLC A to Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR INSURANCE RESTORATION CONTRACTORS - "How to beat P&C insurance at their own game"© - In person 1 day PRIVATE training

Live in person 1 day PRIVATE in house training is for company owners who wish to have the training presented to their admin, sales rep, and production staff members anywhere in the lower forty-eight states.  As is the case with a live in person 1 day PUBLIC training, the in person 1 day PRIVATE in house training will run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If the company owner did not previously attend a live in person 1 day PUBLIC training, along with their PRIVATE training order, he or she will be given a free copy of the training on Compact Disc.  If the company owner did previously attend a live in person 1 day PUBLIC training, he or she can apply the $500 PRIVATE training discount voucher included with their Compact Disc to their in person 1 day PRIVATE in house training order.  Within one week of the training completion date, a signed and dated 3RSystems, LLC Certificate of Completion showing the company name will be sent to the company.    

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Learn the roofing insurance restoration claims process from the construction, insurance, and legal perspectives that no one else in the country teaches!


With 3RSystems, LLC's "How to beat P&C insurance at their own game"© insurance restoration contractor training program, you'll learn the insurance restoration claims process from the construction, insurance, and legal perspectives that no one else in the country teaches!