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3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©


How to help your customers get their insurance companies to pay for all of the damage and help you to MAXimize your profits and income.

Now in 37 different USA states!

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The restoration construction industry standard RTA property damage restoration estimating software

With their typically low ball pricing, relying solely on the so-called "industry standard" or similar P&C insurance mandated estimating programs to estimate your customers repair work is, IMO, like shooting yourself in the foot with the P&C insurance industry's own gun.  Included FREE with your 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© restoration contractor training program order, your new and intentionally uncomplicated licensed for life contractor friendly and easy to use 3RStimax© estimating program will teach you how to and will allow you to price your customers insurance paid restoration work as well as your retail estimates at real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market pricing instead of typically below market low ball P&C "insurance industry standard" forced market pricing.  With 3RStimax©, you'll also learn the important difference between LUMP SUM quotes and Cost + (XM8 and similar) estimates and how knowing the difference can help you to avoid becoming caught in the "Badger Trap" which could cause you and your company serious legal and financial trouble.  

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 3RSystems, LLC  Insured Property Owners -  Storm Damage Recovery Guide

This site which is password protected to only allow 3RSystems, LLC trained restoration contractor customers to view, will teach insured property owners everything they need to know about how the insurance claims process really works and how to stand up to and move their P&C insurance companies to pay for all of the damage - including properly calculated General Contractor Overhead & Profit payments.  


3RSystems, LLC "A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold?"©

3RSystems, LLC's "A Pound of Silver or an Ounce of Gold?"© private in-house storm damage restoration contractor insurance claim process training for construction contractors and their reps which is personally presented by 3RSystems, LLC founder and president Larry Burtis, is now available on a nationwide basis. With this training, you and your reps will learn the restoration contractor insurance claim process from the construction, insurance/investment, and legal perspectives that you can only learn from 3RSystems, LLC. "A Pound of Silver or an Ounce of Gold?"© will dramatically change your and your reps perspective and approach, put you, them and your insured property owner customers in the drivers seat, and place your company in the top 1% of all restoration contractors in the country.

Contractors: When you schedule a 3RS “A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold?”© private in house contractor training anywhere in the USA for you and your company, one half of your 3RS Profit Max / The Playbook© purchase price will be deducted from the training fee.  For details, feel free to contact Larry through the contact methods provided on this site.


Current Presentation

How much has "The UPPA SCAM" cost your building product manufacturing, distribution, or restoration contracting company? 

My 2017 thru 2019 estimate of legitimate claims dollars owed, but, as a result of UPPA restrictions, were never paid to insured property owners who in turn would have paid those same dollars to their contractors = $14,850,000,000 (BILLION). Estimated missed gross profits to the contractors on that amount = $6,237,000,000 (BILLION). Estimated missed manufacturer/supplier roofing, siding and other building product sales to their contractor customers over that same three year period = $4,668,000,000 (BILLION).  With this presentation, I reveal the who, what, why and where behind the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) laws and the tremendous financial and other damage caused by them to building product manufacturers and suppliers, restoration contractors, and insured property owners from across the country.  I then offer substantive solutions to the problem.  For questions and/or information on how to schedule a presentation, feel free to contact 3RSystems, LLC through the methods provided on the contact page. 

This presentation is a "must see" for building product manufacturing and supplier/distribution company owners, shareholders and investors


Articles written and presentations given

"Why are Billions of dollars still being left on the table every year by roofing contractors, suppliers and manufacturers?"© - "Cutting The Giants Down to Size"© - "Unpacking The UPPA Scam...an ex-contractors perspective"© - "A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold?"© @ various private in house restoration contractor trainings - "Pro Contractor FREE Market Pricing Vs. the Insurance Industry Standard"© - "Insurance Adjusters and Engineers - Hiding behind the Doctrine of Privity?"©


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Notice: Intentionally made clear by its title - "A to Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR RESTORATION CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS" - the program is written for, meant for, and offered only to contractors, their direct employees and their independent sales representatives and will not be sold to anyone not falling under any of those titles unless order is agreed to and approved by Larry Burtis/3RSystems, LLC prior to purchase.