"The truth never changes, but it does change that which is not."



"Pro Se Can You See"©

In person Pro Se case reviews - in scheduled segments

Based on my over four decades of winning Pro Se legal experience in, with the help of several Supreme Court Justices and other legal experts, going up against high profile law firms and their attorneys in complex, mostly consumer fraud related legal disputes involving various government and multi-million dollar corporate entities and individuals, I review, from my unique perspective, how, as I see it, the legal system does work, how it doesn't work, and how it should work.  I present from a "street wise" perspective that is not typically taught in traditional law schools which gives attendees a more complete and realistic view on how the legal process works - both in and out of Court.  Offered to law schools, law firms, corporate interests, and related at $750 per hour - minimum three hours per talk.

Example subject cases reviewed and discussed:  

Pro Se - In District Court - Corrupt Government employed housing inspector/landlord - all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court.  Consumer fraud + 

Pro Se - Non Court - Corrupt Minnesota Department of Commerce Investigator - False claims against insurance license.

Pro Se - In District Court - Corrupt auto dealer group with thirty-three different upper Midwest locations - Consumer fraud +    

Pro Se - Non Court - Corrupt Florida Property Management Company - Consumer fraud +

Pro Se - Non Court - Corrupt auto dealer service department - Consumer fraud +

Pro Se - Non Court - Fraudulent vehicle accident injury insurance claim - Attempted insurance fraud 

Pro Se - In District Court - Corrupt property management company, head Government housing inspector, vendors, and District Court Judge - Consumer fraud + 

Pro Se - In District Court - Corrupt property owner and corrupt property manager.  Appeared on behalf of illegally evicted tenants then forced firing of property manager.

Pro Se - In District Court - Appeared on behalf of "Juke Box Saturday Night" owner and "Rainforest Cafe" creator Steve Schussler in police harassment case.

Pro Se - Non Court - Corrupt Property & Casualty insurance company representatives and third party vendors - Consumer fraud +

Pro Se - Non Court - With assist from Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Justice, corrupt Florida law enforcement - Staged false controlled substance possession arrest.

Pro Se - In District Court - With minor assist from attorney who was also a friend and client - False arrest for DUI.

Pro Se - Non Court - Counterfeit product sales by nationally known flooring products company - Consumer fraud +

Pro Se - Non Court - Corrupt South Western state auto dealership group and TPA warranty company - Consumer fraud +  


"The UPPA Conundrum"©

In person presentation - 1 to 2 hours

With this presentation, I teach insurance restoration contractors, appraisers, public insurance adjusters, commercial & residential property managers, and insured's plaintiffs attorneys on the who, what, where, and why behind Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) law - that I refer to as one of the biggest financial scams every perpetrated against the American insurance buying public.  How UPPA, which was designed by the NAIC and then lobbied for by the P&C insurance industry, has become license for the P&C insurance industry to "delay, deny, and defend" against paying their policyholders legitimate property damage claims indefinitely, thereby further victimizing them. I then teach how to overcome "The UPPA Conundrum" and bring back fairness and equity into the insurance claims recovery process.


"From Vision to Wisdom"©

In person presentation - 1.5 to 2 hours

How vision - a hope or idea about how something should be done, so often fails us and how changing one's perspectives will make all the difference in their business and personal lives. This presentation is appropriate for anyone who desires to break through the often crippling fear and lack of confidence that holds back far too many good people from achieving their business and personal goals.


"LSX - The Lost Souls Express"©

In person presentation  - 1.5 to 2.5 hours

As a single guy in the mid eighties, rather than go to bars to meet women, and, as a way to promote my insurance/investment planning business, I took a position as a part-time limousine driver.  With this presentation I discuss my experiences and observations in meeting some of the most famous people in the world, from some of the nicest to some of the meanest.  From "Prince" to Saudi Princes and Princesses, "dancing" (nearly getting in a fight with) famous Russian Ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev on a downtown Minneapolis sidewalk, acting as bodyguard for "Def Leppard" guitarist Steve Clark - three weeks before his untimely death, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - one of the finest gentlemen I had ever met, Julia Roberts who demanded to know; "Is there any booze in this limo?", the story of "Bobby Fox", cash flush regular passenger who handed out hundred dollar tips like they were dollar bills...until he was thrown down two flights of hard tile stairs at a Dinky Town (U of M) bar and arrested by the FBI for bank robbery, and so much more.   

With the exception of "Pro Se Can You See"© in person case review presentations which - if within one hundred miles of Minneapolis, Minnesota, are charged at $750. per hour with a three hour minimum, all other talks are charged at current off season pricing of $7,500 per presentation + expenses, where applicable.  


To schedule a presentation or have any questions answered, please feel free to contact Larry through the Contact link above.


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