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With your order of 3RSystems, LLC's 3RS Claims MAX© Storm Damage Restoration Contractor insurance claim process training program, you'll receive all of the advanced property damage insurance claims gold mining tools and education you'll need to help you to unlock and remove the P&C insurance industry placed UPPA and other handcuffs from your and your insured customer's wrists, help your insured customer's to achieve fair and full payment on their storm damage claims - in record time, and help you to MAXimize your retail and storm damage restoration company's per job profits and income to levels never before achieved or imagined.  3RSystems, LLC's powerful and proven 3RStimax© (shown below), the contractors version of the Guide, and your "Certificate of Proof" will be included as part of your order. 

Keep in mind that with potentially hundreds of thousands of insured property owners receiving the 3RS Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide© all across the country (who will then share the Guide with their friends, neighbors, and co-workers), those insured property owners who experience storm caused damage to their properties will be looking for storm damage restoration contractors who are familiar with the Guide and who can prove to those potential customers that they have completed the 3RSystems, LLC storm damage restoration contractor training program.  If you've ordered and completed the training program, those insured property owners with storm damage will be looking to you for help.


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Compare - 3RStimax© Vs Xactimate/Symbility 

A few years ago, so threatened by the competition from 3RStimax©, Xactimate / Insurance Services Office, Inc. tried (but failed) to shut it down. 

In the graph above, you'll clearly notice the difference between the Insurance Company claim "final" offers (left side at $72,500) and the Additional claim recovery with 3RStimax© ($197,714) for a real, true, and accurate (RTA) FREE market claim recovery total of $270,214!  Also notice in the graph on the right how, using 3RStimax© to properly calculate your GC O&P, the actual GC O&P total shown on the claim came to $23,146.63 = to $8,262.54 more than when calculated at the so-called "industry standard" rate of "10% & 10%" ($14,884.09).   

The current annual cost of the average XM8 subscription that typically prices your customers storm damage repair work at low ball pricing is $2,250.  Your one time licensed for life tax deductible investment into 3RStimax© that prices your customers storm damage repair work and your GC O&P at real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market Pro contractor pricing comes free with your order of 3RS Claims MAX©.  3RStimax© also gives you the option to write your repair estimates as either "Cost Plus" or "Lump Sum".  What's not to like - besides the low ball repair pricing given out by both XM8 and Symbility?    

(P&C insurance cannot demand that you use the same repair estimating programs as their adjusters use and there is, as shown above, no advantage in doing so)


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Your investment in this contractor training program is 100% tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense

All contractors and related professionals who order the program qualify for additional discounts from 5% to 10% on 3RS products featured on the "Other Services" page

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