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From new home framer to roofing/siding/gutter/etc. sub-contract installer to rock band promoter to MET (Guthrie) actor to General Contractor to insurance/investment advisor to retail and restoration contractor trainer to winning Pro Se litigator to licensed PA…and then some.

3RSystems, LLC president and author/creator of 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© Larry Burtis, brings to the table nearly four decades of proven hands on retail and insurance restoration construction industry experience – from installations to sales to GC company ownership to commercial and residential contractor insurance claims process trainer to licensed public insurance adjuster, + nearly 20 years of concurrent in depth insurance/investment industry advisory experience as president of 3RS Wealth Creation Systems.  While there, his financial advice was sought out by leaders of some of the country’s most well-known companies including Bruce Dayton of the Dayton-Hudson Corp/Target Corp, MacKay Envelope (Harvey Mackay), Southside Lumber Company, Jacob’s Trading Company, and Anthony Adducci’s Technology Enterprises Venture Capitalists.  

Along with the experience mentioned, Larry has also achieved, with the help and support of several State Supreme Court justices and other legal experts over the years, a winning Pro Se record against high profile law firms and their attorneys in complex, mostly consumer fraud related legal disputes involving various government and multi-million dollar corporate entities and individuals.  

With that varied experience, Larry is able to offer contractors and their sales reps (and building product manufacturing and distribution company executives, branch managers, and sales reps) a multi-faceted and powerful top down training perspective that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.  The end result being a training program that advances both retail remodel and storm damage restoration contractors who order the program to financial levels never before achieved or imagined. 

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Unless otherwise permitted at the sole discretion of the seller, this training program will only be sold to vetted insurance restoration contractors, vetted public insurance adjusters, vetted insured side appraisers, and vetted insured side plaintiffs attorneys.  Orders placed by anyone who falsely presents as any of the above, such as an employee or president of a forensic engineering firm, will be rejected and their payment kept to cover administration and research costs.  Other than expressing an experienced opinion on the subject matters discussed on this website and elsewhere as a matter of reference, none of the content herein or elsewhere should be construed as and is not presented as accounting, tax, insurance, investment, or legal advice.  If you need such advice it is recommended that you consult with a licensed professional practicing in the area of your concern.