Larry Burtis – President, 3RSystems, LLC

My name is Larry Burtis, president and founder of 3RSystems, LLC.  Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, I bring to the table 40 + years of hands on retail and insurance paid storm damage repair and construction industry experience + 20 years of concurrent in depth insurance/investment industry experience as president and founder of 3RS Wealth Creation Systems where my financial advice was sought out by leaders of some of the country’s most well-known companies.  Included in those companies are Dayton-Hudson/Target Corp., Southside Lumber Company, McKay Envelope, Jacob’s Trading Company, and Anthony Adducci’s Technology Enterprises Venture Capitalists Group.  Along with the experience mentioned, and time spent working in and around the entertainment/music industry more than a few years ago, I have also amassed, with the help and support of several Supreme Court justices and others over the years, a winning Pro Se record in going up against high profile law firms and their attorneys in quite serious court cases involving various government and corporate entities and individuals. 

In 2009, I wrote and published 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© A to Z Property Damage Insurance Claim Process Training for Restoration Construction Contractors in order to help them as well as their building product manufacturers and suppliers/distributors defeat the profit killing UPPA Giant and maximize their sales and therefore, their profits and income.  Now in thirty-seven different USA states, 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©, taught from the construction, insurance/investment and legal perspectives that only 3RSystems, LLC teaches, has proven to be a winner and industry leader in helping all of the above to achieve that goal. 

Although most high level business clients are understandably reluctant to publicly share the positive personal and corporate business results of having followed my financial advice and recommendations, the following two letters of reference and recommendation illustrate the vast and positive difference that my 3RS Wealth Creation Systems Review, Reposition, Recapture financial planning concept made to their financial positions.

Reference letter 1 as written by and received from:

Franklin T. Morris, Jr, EVP – Southside Lumber Company – Rogers, MN

To whom it may concern:

Our company has worked with Larry Burtis, president and owner of 3RSystems for a number of years.  His non-traditional approach to the insurance, investment and estate planning process and willingness to take the time to clarify the difference between economic theory and reality has served us well.

I am quite certain that Larry will put forth the same effort in helping to provide substantive financial solutions for you and your firm.  I am also confident that you will be well pleased with the results. 


Franklin T. Morris, Jr., Executive Vice President

Mr. Morris, who had previously worked at KPMG for over thirty years as an executive, also had this to say about my work; although he had talked with and listened to the advice of top financial advisors too numerous to mention over that time period, he learned more about insurance and investment wealth preservation and creation from me in six months than he had learned from all of other advisors combined over that thirty year period.

Reference letter 2 as written by and received from:

Anthony J. Adducci – President and Founder of Technology Enterprises Venture Capital – Shoreview, MN / Scottsdale, AZ

RE: Larry M. Burtis / 3RSystems

Dear Fellow Executive,

When I first met with Mr. Burtis, I was interested in what he and his organization could do for me that might help me enhance the value of charitable commitments I had made.  What he showed me based on his 3RSystems concept of review, reposition and recapture, allowed me to indeed enhance the value of my charitable commitments, not only to the charitable organization, but to myself and my family as well.

Larry also showed me how by repositioning another substantial asset that had been improperly positioned in my estate, I could further benefit myself and my family.  Larry’s approach to financial planning is quite unique and I am confident you will find him very helpful in your business and personal planning.


Anthony, J Adducci